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a hot bluechips in entertainment industry

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titel : ranked #1 for varshow casting

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[VIDEO] Joonyoung in JTBC节目“舌战”提起俊英 CUT
[TRANS] War of Words Comment on Jung Joon Young

Varshow bluechips,4D maknae Henry&Jung Joonyoung,how do they made their self bcme sunday's show new rising star?

MC's comment:

(SSK4) during debut JY met a well-match partner (Roy Kim), the two compete n balancing each other's lack..

has been casting in 1N2D as evil maknae with 4D-charm n as a sweet romantist in wgm..(eh?lol)
these days he's a hot bluechips in entertainment industry,n ranked #1 for varshow casting..

in talkshow newbie usually draw line with sunbae,still hard to blend with other,w/forcing smile,they can't show their all with confidence..

but since JY has been live in abroad for longtime he can adapt quickly..
usually newbie's act can be read thru their eyes, but JY is such unpredictable..

in 1N2D he's the ace that almost never get punishment,n getting along with everyone,had great chemistry with Joohyuk tho had big age gap, JY who can do anything vs JH who can't do anything..
looking at his age he's the youngest, but he has same level with Junho (entertain?).. he's the evil maknae that push&pull his hyungs,lol~

Translated by: Naraejoha
Video credit: JTBCentertainment

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